Thrift shopping myths busted

If you know me, you’ll know that I love thrift shopping. I would pick it over shopping at Topshop or ZARA anyday! Haha I mean come on, where else can you find such treasures for less than $10.

But recently someone told me that they will never ever shop at thrift stores. So it got me a little curious and I did some research and chanced upon a post by The Simple Dollar about why people don’t thrift shop.

 It shocked me, because I totally disagree with those points. And I will prove to these anti-thrifters that they have no reason to hate thrifting with 3 outfits I’ve put together using various pieces of clothing I got from thrifting.

Outfit #1

dsc_0148edited (1)



Thrifted piece(s): Blazer ($8)

Blazers are something I absolutely love; they are always able to amp up an outfit without even putting much effort!  They probably one of the most common things you can possibly find at thrift stores, so it’s great if you’re looking for different sizes and colours!

I snagged this oversized navy blazer for only $8, and no I did not miss out a 1 or a 0 there! Talk about a great deal for this timeless piece!

Outfit  #2




Thrifted piece(s): Outerwear ($4), crop top ($2)

Vintage pieces are something I look out for at thrift stores because that’s the only place I can find authentic vintage clothes. So when I saw this oversized outerwear I fell in love, though it’s vintage it can work well to give a grunge look.

Fashionable pieces are definitely not missing from thrift stores as well; crop tops and high-waisted shorts are one of the few things found there! They are more than 50% cheaper than the prices out there, and the condition is fantastic!

Outfit #3




Thrifted piece(s): Denim jacket ($4), top ($3), shorts ($6)

Haha ok as you can tell this whole outfit is thrifted! But that’s the great thing, you can get a whole outfit for only $13 or maybe even lesser!

I can’t tell you how much I love the denim jacket; it’s just the right length and colour. This is another item that can be found at ANY thrift store, and they are undeniably the best buys! The quality and condition are perfect.

To all the fussy buyers, this is to prove that items bought at thrift stores are as good as items bought first hand in a shopping mall! Look at this white top, it’s spotless, simply said it’s in crisp condition. Besides that, sometimes if you are lucky, you might find a brand new item with its price tag still attached to it! What a great deal!

This pair of pleather shorts is just one of the little treasures I found and have been wearing nonstop, seriously.

But sure of course it is easy to have a bad impression of thrift shopping  when there are thousands and thousands of pieces of clothing to go through, and to look for that perfect piece is way too time consuming!  Not to mention to compete with the other shoppers as well, you’ve got to know the right tips!

Here are some of my secrets to thrift shopping:

1. Look at the sections

Many of them would separate their clothes accordingly to a ladies’ and men’s section and into different kinds of clothing. Like tops, jeans, skirts, and dresses. So if you’re looking for a skirt, look up at the signs and you’ll know where to find it! Easy as that!

 2. Find out what time they open

 I know I may sound like an Aunty, haha but this is really the best tip. There probably wouldn’t be a crowd so shopping would be a breeze without having to squeeze and push (oops). You’ll definitely be able to grab all the great pieces first.

3. Try it on 

Thrift shops do have fitting rooms as well, so if you’re unsure, try it on! It has saved me from buying items that look disastrous on me. Not only that, most of the time that’s when you spot a missing button, a small stain or even the brand (*topshopzaramangoforever21*)

 I specially love the advice and tips Jordan gives on how to thrift shop , it has helped me to select items that I won’t end up regret getting. Haha I can’t tell you how often that happened before discovering it. There are also huge no-nos to what you should not get from a thrift store.

Thrift stores are just places where treasures are waiting to be found. Be it a vintage piece, an item you’ve been looking for or great deals, I have found so much joy shopping at thrift stores. So I hope you guys would be able to as well and forget about what people say about thrift shops! There’s no reason not to visit one!

Do share how you feel about thrift shopping and if you’ve scored any fantastic deals! I’ll love to hear about it!